4 Signs Your Honda Needs a Fuel Service

Your fuel intake system is a very important part of your Honda that is not often talked about. The fuel system is in charge of transferring gas from your gas tank and pumping it into the engine when needed. If the lines between the two are clogged, or the fuel filter is old, you won't achieve a desirable level of engine performance. In fact, fuel system problems can lead to major issues if neglected.


At DS Auto Experts, our team can help you clean the key fuel system components. This includes replacing the fuel filter and cleaning the fuel lines, fuel injector, intake valve and combustion chambers. Removing all the debris, dirtm and gunk will enable your engine to run as smoothly as possible while providing other advantages such as improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. So, what signs should you look for in your Honda to determine whether it needs a fuel cleaning service?

  1. Poor Fuel Economy
  2. Engine Misfires
  3. Rough Idling
  4. Weak or Laggish Acceleration
  5. Failed Emissions Test

If you are experiencing any of these problems in your Honda, please take it to our team at DS Auto Experts for a fuel system inspection. If we do trace the issue back to the fuel system, we can professionally clean it out and replace the fuel filter if needed. If it is another hidden problem we uncover, we can get you an accurate repair estimate for that as well.

For all your fuel system and other automotive needs, visit or call DS Auto Experts at (559) 205-7724 today.

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