4 Ways to Make Your Nissan Last

Nissans are smart (and large) investments. Whenever you splurge on a reliable make like a Nissan, you expect it to last for years. Just because they're known to last doesn't mean they will without care and protection. To ensure your car, SUV, or truck is a valuable investment, follow these four essential tips:

Tip #1: Drive Defensively, NOT Aggressively

Reckless driving is highly frowned upon if you want to keep your Nissan in tip-top shape. It is not only dangerous, but it can wear down your car quicker. Please obey the set speed limit and avoid heavy acceleration and deceleration as it strains your engine, transmission, tires, and more. Furthermore, you're hurting your Nissan's superior fuel economy too.

Tip #2: Clean Your Car

Car washes serve a bigger purpose than having your automobile look nice. Routine washing and waxing can effectively remove dirt and grime buildup and prevent rust from forming. If rust becomes a problem for your Nissan later in life, it can significantly affect the car's structural integrity. Therefore, please make sure you wash your car after driving on salted roads or around the salt-filled air beach.

Tip #3: Monitor Your Tire Pressure

Driving with low tire pressure can not only wear down your tires faster, but it can alter engine performance by forcing it to work harder. Drivers of older Nissan vehicles without tire pressure alerts definitely need to check their pressure even more often. 

Tip #4: Follow Its Maintenance Schedule

Regardless of what rumors you may hear about newer vehicles requiring less frequent maintenance, you should always follow your automaker's maintenance schedule. These service intervals are tailored to your vehicle's make/model/age. As long as you stick to it, your car should last you a long time. 


If you want to get as many miles out of your Nissan as possible, please follow the above tips. Let DS Auto Experts help you out with your vehicle maintenance and repairs. 

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