Top Tips for Diesel Engine Maintenance

Regular maintenance is just as important, if not more crucial, for a diesel engine as it is for a gas-powered engine. This is particularly true if your diesel vehicle constantly serves to push, pull, or haul things. Diesel motors still need the maintenance essentials, such as oil changes, filter changes, and more.

If you want your diesel truck to last you a lifetime, here are some critical tips to follow: 

Get oil changes done on time

Changing your oil is a frequent task, which is why most people find it so taxing. Putting off your oil change can lead to negative consequences like irreversible engine damage, so please stay on top of your oil change. You should vary the oil approximately every 5,000 miles or so, depending on what your manufacturer recommends.

Monitor your coolant

Besides oil, another vital fluid for your engine requires maintenance: coolant. You and your technician should constantly check on your truck's coolant as it can deteriorate over time. And if you ignore it, the coolant can rust and wear other parts in the cooling system like the radiator. Also, toxic or low coolant levels can cause your engine to overheat, leading to irreversible engine damage. 

Clean the exterior body of the engine

Diesel engines are created to have a longer lifespan than their gasoline counterparts which is why they will benefit from regular cleaning. Simply wiping away dust or dirt can make a world of difference in preventing rust and corrosion. Please always follow the owner's manual on cleaning as some parts may not be waterproof.

Change your air filter

If your truck's air filter is filthy and clogged up, it can restrict your engine of air. It is recommended that you replace your air filter every once in a while to ensure smooth diesel engine operation. Feel free to ask one of our mechanics to check your air filter at your next service appointment.


Whether you utilize your truck for work or leisure, you need to take care of it properly. Diesel vehicles are significant investments, after all. At DS Auto Experts, we recognize the importance of diesel engine maintenance. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with nothing but the best diesel parts and services. For all your diesel vehicle needs, please call or visit our Visalia auto repair shop today.

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