What are the Symptoms of a Bad Catalytic Converter in Lexus Vehicles?

A catalytic converter works hard to make sure that clean air goes through your Lexus. When there are issues with it, you may be exposed to harmful emissions. Here are the symptoms of a bad catalytic converter.

Engine does not perform as well

If you've been noticing that your engine isn't performing the way it should be, look at the catalytic converter. If the converter is clogged, it means that the car will not function well. Even a crack in the catalytic converter can lead harmful gas into the engine, making it perform poorly.

Rattling Noises

If you are hearing rattling noises, check on the catalytic converter. The reason it does this is that it may be failing, or it's just done for. The rattle is more noticeable when you turn on your Lexus, and it will worsen over time.

Sulfur Smells

If you are smelling sulfur, investigate that as soon as possible. This would mean that the catalytic converter is not working right to produce odorless sulfur dioxide.

Check Engine Light Comes On

When a catalytic converter is failing or bad, the check engine light will come on. This means that it's not processing the gas levels in the converter properly. This light could also mean other things, but it's safe to get it checked either way.

Failed Emissions Test

These tests are becoming more and more common. With many places taking steps to reduce emissions into the environment, there are emissions tests that's issued every year. Of course, if it fails, it means that you can not have the Lexus on the road.

With that said, if your car fails the emissions test, the catalytic converter may be to blame. It usually controls the emissions that it produces outside the Lexus, but a bad or broken one will produce harmful emissions.

If you suspect that your catalytic converter is the cause, bring it into an auto shop right away so that the problem can be fixed.

If you need catalytic converter repair, give DS Auto Experts a call today!

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