What Can Happen If You Let Your Car Sit Too Long?

Cars should run regularly to maintain optimal performance, but if you let your car sit too long, it can develop problems. A car owner may encounter the following common issues.

Battery issues

A car's battery charges while the vehicle is running. If the car hasn't been started in some time, the battery will have gradually lost its charge and died. The vehicle will not start, and the battery will require replacement.

Deflated tires

Tires lose pressure gradually, which cause them to lose their shape. Tires that have lost their shape may increase the risk of a flat or a blowout, which can be dangerous while driving. It is essential to reinflate the tires appropriately and inspect them for abnormalities before starting a trip after the car has rested for a while.

Rusty brakes

With prolonged disuse, the brakes may become rusty. Usted brakes will not perform as they should and could lead to dangerous situations. If your car has rested a while, test the brakes and listen closely for squealing or grinding noises.

Fuel changes

Fuel doesn't have an infinite lifetime, and it can expire if left for a few months. Diesel generally takes longer to cause problems than unleaded fuel. When fuel sits too long, it becomes thick and may clog your car's fuel pump, leading to further problems. If your vehicle has not been running for a while, you should replace your car's fuel before driving. Additionally, if you plan to store your care, ensure that it is empty.

Cosmetic damage

Weather conditions, among others, can damage the exterior finish of your car. The paint on vehicles that are left exposed to the elements for prolonged periods may lighten or fade or, in severe cases, crack and leave the car at risk of rust. Exposed seats and dashboards may also become dull, dry and develop cracks. All these small changes will depreciate the value of your car.

Prolonged storage without the necessary preventative steps can damage your car, and your vehicle may need some maintenance work before hitting the road again. If you need vehicle maintenance performed, give our auto repair shop a call today!

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