What Does Engine Knocking Indicate?

What Does Engine Knocking Indicate?

Engine knocking is always a warning sign of trouble for your engine. For some reason, your car's fuel is burning unevenly. This leaves lots of unburnt fuel in the cylinder. Knocking indicates that it's time for a systematic investigation of your engine's fuel systems.

First, make sure you haven't filled your tank with low octane-rated gasoline recently. The wrong fuel octane for your vehicle can lead to erratic combustion and knocking. Next time, refuel with gas that has an octane rating at or higher than that recommended for your car. You can also add an octane booster to your tank to tide you over until you refuel.

Carbon buildup on valves and spark plugs can cause trouble. This coating reduces the available volume inside the cylinder, increasing pressure. A fuel-injected cleaner or an additive can solve the problem.

Check out your spark plugs. You may have bought the wrong spark plugs for your car. They may be too weak to generate a spark. Or they may be damaged. In either case, get them replaced with the correct type for your car.

You may have a bad knock sensor. This sensor's job is to monitor the engine for any knocks. If they occur, the sensor will retard ignition. When the sensor goes bad, it sends false signals to the engine control unit, causing knocking. If so, replace it.

Your engine may be suffering from wrong ignition timing. A faulty ignition timer can cause the ignition to start too soon. This causes the engine to knock. If you have an older car, you can adjust the timing yourself with an ignition timing light. Timing is completely automated in newer cars, so you will be unable to fix the problem.

Lean air-fuel mixture means fuel entering the combustion chamber is too lean to cool the chamber. This may be caused by bad fuel injectors or a bad oxygen sensor. This problem leads to the buildup of extra heat in the chamber. Combustion may occur before the spark plug sends its spark. This is serious. It can cause your pistons to melt down quickly. Replace your fuel injectors or oxygen sensor as soon as you can.

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