What Happens If My Honda's Timing Belt Breaks?

Also known as a cam belt, a vehicle's timing belt helps ensure combustion in the engine runs consistently, keeping you safe as you cruise the roads with your Honda. The cam belt is a continuous loop of rubber with ridges that interlock with the crankshaft's and the camshaft's teeth, synchronizing the movement of the two engine parts. The systematic synchronization ensures the exhaust and intake valves within the engine open and close in time with pistons.

What if the Timing Belt Breaks?

The engine stops working efficiently or stalls the moment your timing belt breaks. If the belt breaks while you're driving your Honda vehicle, the camshaft will stop turning, causing some engine valves to remain in an open position.

The crankshaft continues to rotate, moving pistons up and down. This defect makes the pistons strike the valves that are left open. It may, in turn, trigger heavy engine damage inclusive of shattered or bent valves and destroyed pistons. Also, there could be a possibility of a destroyed cylinder head and engine block.

Signs Your Honda’s Timing Belt is Broken

Check Engine Light is On and Flashing

Among many reasons you'll see the engine misfire light on or flashing is a broken timing belt. If you see the warning light display camshaft or crankshaft fault codes, be certain the engine problem is a broken timing belt.

Weird Noises From the Engine

If you hear a ticking sound from the engine, it may imply the timing belt is frayed or broken. If you conduct a visual inspection and find out the belt is damaged, call a mechanic for recommendations and repairs before you hit the road again.

Car Can't Start

When you turn the key and the ignition starts, but your Honda doesn't move, the timing belt may be broken or torn. The main engine doesn't start since the damaged cam belt can't transmit the power produced by the starter motor to the engine.

How Often Should A Timing Belt Be Replaced

Replace your timing belt as per the manufacturer's recommended guide in the owner's manual. Usually, multiple vehicle producers recommend replacing the cam belt after driving 60,000 to 105,000 miles. Also, Honda gives a specific time interval of 84 months.

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