Why Do Some Truck Drivers Opt for Diesel?

Diesel trucks are not everyone's cup of tea, but they are an excellent option for specific individuals. In fact, modern diesel engines have improved and overcome many of the disadvantages known in the past. Besides newer advancements to these trucks, why, exactly, should you choose a diesel truck? 


Reason #1: Torque Output!

Diesel trucks have more torque in general than their traditional gasoline engine counterpart. Torque is what allows you to move and what enables you to continue to move when hauling heavy loads or going up a steep slope. The engines in diesel trucks are better at handling those scenarios than gas engines, making them the perfect choice if you are using the vehicle for work. In other words, diesel trucks have higher towing capabilities than similar trucks with gas engines. This is why you may see diesel engines in many trucks but not a lot of other vehicles. 


Reason #2: Lower Fuel Costs

Overall, fuel expenses for the amount of energy produced by the engine in a diesel truck are significantly less than that of a gas engine. This may not always be evident when you are filling up at the tank. However, you may see the return in other ways, such as having to fill up less. 


Reason #3: Reliable

Diesel engines use a simplistic design. Because the engines are heavier and often have fewer moving parts, chances are you'll run into fewer issues throughout the engine's lifespan. 


Reason #4: Higher Resale Value

The last benefit of diesel trucks is that they hold their value over the years, even when heavily used. There are fewer diesel vehicles on the resale market because many of its owners stick with their hardworking diesel trucks for a long time! Whenever you want to sell a diesel truck, you're in luck because you may price it higher than its gas engine counterpart.


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