3 Tips on How To Improve Your Truck’s Performance

Most truck owners have a special bond with their trucks. Whenever your vehicle is not performing at its full potential, it's hard not to get involved. Here are our top tips to enhance your truck's performance and give it the extra push it needs to do all the things you want it to do.


#1: Be On-Time with Scheduled Maintenance

When it comes to increasing your truck's performance, the key to it is in the owner's manual. Research suggests that fewer than 60% of drivers read any part of their owner's manual. Of those people who have glanced at it, they've only seen about half of it. The owner's manual for your truck represents the first line of defense against unforeseen circumstances. 

Your manual will help you uncover the necessary maintenance services your truck will need in its lifetime. If you're still unsure, come by DS Auto Experts to get a comprehensive vehicle inspection to better picture your vehicle's current state.


#2: Make the Switch to Synthetic Oil

We all know the importance of motor oil, but you might not know the additional benefits of switching from traditional to synthetic oil. As long as it follows your manufacturer's recommendations, choosing synthetic oil can help reduce friction between internal parts, increase fuel efficiency, and enhance your truck's performance in severe temperatures. Here are several scenarios in which synthetic motor oil is particularly advantageous:

  • When working in extreme temperatures — very hot or cold environments
  • In trucks that are often driven in congested traffic
  • When hauling or towing big and heavy loads
  • In high-mileage vehicles that are susceptible to oil sludge buildup


#3: Pay Close Attention to Your Truck Tires

If you want to get the most out of your truck, you should make sure it has the proper tires for the job. We encourage you to occasionally inspect your tires at home and make a note of their tread and pressure. Next time you are due for a replacement, try to find a tire model that combines strength, durability, temperature resilience, and road grip to match your truck. You can ultimately choose between 3 types of tires: all-season, all-terrain, and off-road tires. Once you know which ones suit your personal needs, we can help you find the right size.


If your truck needs any maintenance or repair services, please come by DS Auto Experts. Our skillful technicians have an array of experience in servicing Asian Imports and trucks of various makes. Give us a call or visit us today!

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