5 Common Problems with Auto A/C Systems

Having a broken air conditioner in your vehicle is one of the worst problems to deal with during the spring and summer. That is why automotive professionals recommend coming in for a spring HVAC system check to ensure no problems occur. In order to understand what could go wrong with your car's A/C, you should start by understanding how it all works.


How does a Vehicle's A/C System Work?

There are 5 main parts to most auto A/C systems: compressor, condenser, receiver, evaporator, and thermal expansion valve. Cold air is not actually created; instead, it takes the heat and moisture of that air from outside your car. The system relies on one key ingredient to keep the air coming out of your vents cool: refrigerant or freon. 


5 Common A/C Problems in Cars

  1. A/C Refrigerant Leak - Leaks tend to occur over the winter when the air conditioning isn't typically used. When it goes dormant, the seals can dry out. Whenever this happens, you'll get warm air instead of cool air.
  2. Cooling Fan Broken - A faulty cooling fan can go out for a number of reasons, but it will ultimately compromise your air quality.
  3. Faulty Condensor - When the condenser is broken, the air won't be cooled adequately by the freon. Airflow may also be restricted.
  4. Bad Compressor - A defective compressor can lead to inadequate cooling or no air at all. You may hear loud noises coming from the compressor as it gives out.
  5. Other Electrical Problems - Loose wires or blown fuses can happen all the time throughout your car. One of them may simply be unlucky enough to be A/C related.

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