Why Is My Acura Being Noisy?

Our Acura can make a lot of sounds – some can be normal, which is why most car owners don’t give much thought when they hear a slight ping. However, when you catch a new and alarming sound, you should never ignore it. Your Acura could be signaling to you that something is wrong. Here are 5 concerning car noises that your Acura can make:

Hissing Under the Hood

If you hear this sound, it can mean that you have a fluid leak. When coolant leaks, it tends to hit the hot part of the engine. If coolant leaks onto the engine block or manifold, you may hear a hissing noise whenever you accelerate.

Rattling Steering

Heavy vibrations coming from your Acura’s steering system can be an evident sign that something is wrong. From a loose nut to low power steering fluid, you don’t want to ignore this for too long. Bring your car to us for inspections before it is too late. 

Popping Exhaust

If you hear a loud band or pop coming from your exhaust pipes, it could mean you have a leak. Depending on where the noise is coming from, it could mean anything from a bad muffler to a problematic cat. For instance, a sound from the front of your vehicle can mean a problem with the ignition system. Please have a professional mechanic give you a tune–up and inspection to be sure.

Whirring Gearbox

A whirring noise might point to a problem related to the clutch or the gears inside the transmission. But, if it is coming from underneath the car, it can be the differential. Bring your car to the Acura experts for an accurate diagnosis today.

Squealing Brakes

Noisy braking can be both an annoyance and a safety concern. When you hear loud, high-pitched screeches every time you press on the brake pedal, it is a clear sign that you need brake service. Typically, it is a symptom of low or worn brake pads.


If you notice any of these unusual sounds, we invite you to bring your Acura to our auto repair shop. DS Auto Experts look forward to seeing you!

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