Why Should Not Skip Your Hyundai’s Oil Changes

While many car owners find it tempting to skip their oil change, putting off this service can have major consequences on your vehicle. Whether you drive a diesel SUV or a gas-powered sedan,  your Hyundai relies on engine oil to keep its motor cool while it operates. Furthermore, engine oil is key to cleaning your engine. As it flows throughout the system to lubricate engine parts, it also cleans and picks up dirt along the way. Once it grabs this grime, it will sift it through the oil filter.


The most important aspect of motor oil is its lubricating properties. Engine oil can prevent your Hyundai’s engine components from bumping against each other to prevent friction damage, corrosion, and quick wear and tear. That is why it is imperative that you have your oil changed according to your manufacturer’s recommended oil change interval.


Oil change intervals are typically done in miles intervals. Depending on your engine design, vehicle model, and the age of your vehicle, oil change intervals can be anywhere between 3,000 to 7,500 miles. If your car requires synthetic oil, it may be able to go even slightly longer before needing an oil change service. Additionally, the climate in which you drive and personal driving habits can also factor in how soon your oil wears down. 


Another way you can identify if it is time for an oil change is to inspect it. Every car has an oil dipstick under the hood to make checking your oil condition and levels easy peasy. If the motor oil looks dark, gritty, or contaminated, you may need to replace the oil soon. Low levels of oil can also be a cause for concern. It typically means that you’ve waited too long to service your oil, and you should have your Hyundai inspected for leaks.


Besides timing your oil change service and oil filter change, it is vital that you use the right type of oil recommended for your Hyundai’s engine. By following Hyundai’s instructions and recommendations, you'll be able to protect your engine’s longevity and ensure you get smooth engine performance.


So next time you consider putting off your oil change service, please don’t. The last thing you want to face is damaged engine parts and the inconvenience of an overheating engine. If your Hyundai is due for an oil change service, we welcome you to visit DS Auto Experts today!

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